Mishawaka Electrical Retrofitting Services

Are you sick and tired of paying astronomical utility bills every month? The first thing you should do is examine your electricity usage. For example, if you regularly leave your lights on all night or your air filters are badly clogged, saving money on electricity might be as simple as making these little adjustments.

Of course, it’s far more likely that your Mishawaka home or business is running with out-of-date and inefficient technology. If your home or business’s electrical infrastructure hasn’t been updated to keep up with the changes of modern energy demands, then you need contact 2 Sons Electric LLC so that one of our trained, licensed and insured commercial and residential electricians can conduct an inspection to see if you qualify for an electrical retrofit.

Electrical retrofitting is, in laymen’s terms, the process of replacing any inefficient, power-sucking assets of your Mishawaka home or business with energy efficient models. If your home or business is eligible for our electrical retrofitting services, it won’t be long before you notice a huge improvement in your energy efficiency, i.e., lower utility bills.

To find out if you could benefit from an electrical retrofit, get in touch with 2 Sons Electric LLC today to arrange your commercial or residential inspection.

Lighting Retrofits

One of the most common types of electrical retrofits 2 Sons Electric LLC’s team of commercial and residential electricians are contracted to complete are lighting retrofits. A lighting retrofit is the process of replacing components in your Mishawaka home or business’s lighting system with counterparts that use significantly less energy.

Though 2 Sons Electric LLC is known for our affordable rates, the reduced energy consumption will result in utility bill decreases, which, over a length of time, will allow you to recover any costs associated with our lighting retrofitting services.

By and large, when we redo a home or business’s lighting system, we will implement LED lights because they are by far the most efficient types of lights available on the market today. However, we have been doing electrical retrofits long enough that, if you want, we can lay out some different lighting options so that you can get the exact lighting you want for less.

Panel Retrofits

Sometimes, your home or business’s lights aren’t the issue. It is also highly likely that you have an obsolete electrical panel. In the event that your electrical panel is out-of-date, you need to do something. The best thing to do is call 2 Sons Electric LLC to get our electrical panel retrofit experts to take a look at it.

An electrical panel is what supplies your appliances, devices and other technologies with electricity. And if it hasn’t been updated in who knows when, then it is very possible that it’s struggling to keep up with modern electrical demands. If you suspect the problem lies within your panel, give us a call and we’ll be happy to inspect it. If you are eligible for a retrofit, we’ll get started right away. If not, we’ll continue the inspection until the issue is found.

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